Jocund July

Tuesdays in July
9 a.m. to Noon 
Drawing and Painting in the Garden  
With Art Center South Florida
Come be inspired by the Garden, as Art Center South Florida presents a series of drawing and painting classes at the beginner/intermediate level with instructor Ariel Baron-Robbins. Classes outdoors in the landscape focus on flora and fauna with demonstrations on how to draw accurately from life and how to use watercolor and ink media. Learn the history of floral painting, ranging from Buddhist ink drawings to the Impressionists to contemporary artists and create your own unique artworks. Register online here.

Wednesdays in July
10 a.m. to Noon
Environmental Arts Camp
Designed for boys and girls ages 5 to 12 to engage in entertaining and educational arts, crafts, dance, music, and games. Classes are free but advance registration is required: Call instructor Winsome Bolt at 305-305-9141, or Presented by Irreversible Art Projects and the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

July 14th
 2 p.m.
Rana Rojo Fashion Show
To celebrate Swim Week 2013, Designers Ash Rana and Damien Rojo will present their new line, La Lucha, Saturday at the Garden. This resort collection is largely inspired by Lucha Libre, the now global, masked wrestling phenomenon first popularized in Mexico in the 1940's. For more information, visit

July 26th and 29th
Miami Performance and Visual Art Festival
The Garden hosts artists from around the world highlighting a large range of artistic practices and styles, while providing lectures, discussion groups, and workshops on art. This free festival acts as a catalyst for cross-pollination of ideas and the creation of think tanks where thoughts can be exchanged and shared. Presented by Edge Zones, an art program that provides opportunities and resources for under-recognized artists in the Caribbean area. Come visit the garden to experience two days of performance installations on the 26th, and 29th. The 29th will also be the date for a free children and student workshop, as well as a free picnic at 5 p.m.!

Schedule --July 26--
 9:30    Meet n Greet
10:00    Welcome Message/ Introductions/Thank You
10:30    Artist Talk: David Prusko
10:50    Artist Talk: Jochi Munoz
11:10    Artist Talk: Irene Loughlin
12:00     Lunch

Schedule --July 29--   
 Installation: Nathalie Alfonso
  9:30   Meet 'n Greet
10:00   Free Children's Workshop with Alexia Miranda
10:20   Artist Talk: Belaxis Buil
10:40   Artist Talk: Diego Bowie
11:00   Artist Talk: Gabriel Montero
11:30   Reading: Alexei Tellerias, in the Butterfly room.
12:00   Lunch
2:00    Lecture: Diane Camber: Performance Art: Ephemeral/Eternal but what is it and where did it come from?   
3:00    Performance: Scott Cunningham reading  
3:30    Lecture: Alpesh Patel: Documentation and Performance: What's live about live art anyway?
4:00    Stephan Nesvacil, Becoming Quickened by the Supreme   
4:30    Christine Brault, Latina Del Norte
5:00    Catalina Jamarillo The PICNIC
5:30    Belaxis Buil, Patch of Grass
6:00    Pip Brant
6:30    Palmer Fishman
7:00    Eliu Almonte
7:30    Charo Oquet
8:00    Becky Flowers The Birthmark   
9:00    Afterparty at pop-up venue space with DJ Action Pat, 150 NE 40th Street, Miami.

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